GRAVITYMASTER Royal Air Force Collaboration


GRB200RAF-8A is a collaboration with the Royal Air Force (RAF) of the British Ministry of Defense. Designed with aviation professionals in mind, the watch is built with an updated Carbon Core Guard structure, carbon-infused resin bezel and resin band.

Borneo Rainbow Toad FROGMAN


A new addition to the Master of G FROGMAN analog series of dive watches, the GWFA1000BRT-1 boasts a translucent top bezel and a striking multi-colored sub dials with blue, yellow and green hands as well as a rainbow IP on a textured bezel to replicate the skin of the toad. Each rainbow IP finish has a unique shade —no bezel is the same color—which speaks to the rarity of the Borneo rainbow toad species.

Python Pattern MT-G


Wildlife Promising Introduction features a laser printed Python Pattern with other treatments such as a small hand within the dial at the 3:00 position is designed to look like the pattern on the head of the African Rock Python and the red second hand was inspired by the Python’s tongue.

LOVE ME - Curtis Kulig Collaboration


Collaboration with NY artist Curtis Kulig

Based on bright red, 

he designed the signature of his icon “Love Me”

Also, when you press the light button,

the graphic of “Love Me appears, expressing the message

of love between lovers with your whole body.


Curtis Kulig

An artist based in New York years ago, the graffiti of “Love Me”, which expresses his feelings full of emptiness and sarcasm, becomes part of the New York landscape. His cry of art, accepted by enthusiastic fans, continues to present a series of works that confront his own emotional weaknesses.

G-SHOCK x New Era Timepiece

Debuting this fall, in celebration of the New Era’s 100th anniversary, a commemorative timepiece, the GM110NE-1A. Elements of New Era are captured in the form of a gold flag at the 3 o’clock position in conjunction with an engraved gold case back and special package featuring the inscriptions “100,” 1920-2020,” which pay homage to the brand’s sought after 59FIFTY cap.

GM-110NE-1A_JF_DR (1)